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Dear M Car Company,

I wanted to send this note of testimonial to you for the outstanding customer service I experienced with you and the M Car Company.

In purchasing a car from you, I expected an experience level typical to what I have come to experience over the years from the “typical” dealerships. What tipped me off that something was a bit different was the level of detail you provided on the previous owner of the car, and how open you were about some of the flaws with the car.

The next surprise was that you would deliver the car to my house when all the upgrades were completed. And because you got to know me, learning how much I like a clean car, washed mine in the driveway prior to putting it in the garage.

Your attention to detail, going above and beyond what is expected, and making your client feel catered to, is beyond anything I have ever experienced. Your contacts in the auto world are quite deep, allowing you to get just about anything imaginable accomplished. But again, the big difference is that you pick up the car, and deliver it back with all the work completed, while staying constantly focused on exceeding client expectations.

I often find myself thinking, “what would Kevin do”, as I work with my own business clients, which is a testament to your influence.

I highly recommend Kevin, and based on my first experience, have made him my only contact for all car needs in the future.


Dave Schenone
Nike Creative

M Car Company,

Now for more than 20 years, after many memorable and special early and later experiences, I have looked solely to one source for obtaining the highest performance levels of car and vehicle knowledge, attention and care -- no matter the issue. Consistently, over those years, from the smallest detail, to adventures of grand size, including various emergency-condition events, Marc Stromvig, who is known as M Car Company in Portland, Oregon has furnished such performance, and is that source.

Sincerely, Jon M. Dickinson, P.C.

Dear M Car Company,

I just wanted to send you a thank you for all of your hard work regarding the Toyota Sienna. It was finally exported into Canada correctly, and has completed it's status as an imported vehicle.

I wanted to thank you for two things. Firstly, the help you gave us recently was paramount in transferring the vehicle to Canada, and we never would have been able to complete this task without your help. I appreciate your time and attention to this matter, and I thank you for supplying the correct paperwork.

Secondly, I wanted to thank you for the van itself. It is a fantastic vehicle, and you guy's did a great job of locating and supplying this vehicle to me. It is exactly the vehicle my wife and I were looking for, and your outstanding service to supply said vehicle was tremendous. Your customer service was outstanding, and your ability to supply the exact vehicle we were looking for was a dream come true. Thank you for this wonderful experience, it will not be forgotten.

In future, I would love to go through the M Car Company for any vehicle purchases I make, and despite the difficulty we experienced in bringing this vehicle to Canada, it did not reflect negatively upon M Car Company and the fantastic job you guys were able to provide. I plan on handing out your business card to anyone I may meet looking for a new vehicle, as it was such a great experience, and now that I know the ins and outs to exporting vehicles, the process is really quite simple. I will be in the market for a new vehicle myself in the next few months, and rest assured, M Car Company will be at the top of my list as acting agents.

Thank you again, and I look forward to dealing with M Car Company again in the future.

Regards, Jamie Corrigan

Dear M Car Company,

I test drove a new 2010 model car I was interested in and fell in love with it. I could not justify purchasing a “new” car as I travel a sales territory and had purchased courtesy and loaner cars from my dealer in the past with very few miles on them but at a very nice discount! The car was too new a model to have any loaners available at my local dealer.

Over my coffee on a Sunday morning, I searched for the car at AutoTrader.com. I found exactly what I was looking for at the M Car Company! Perfect color, the right options and low miles and the price reflected an attractive price! I called the number and expected a recording where I could request a call back on Monday. Instead, a live voice answered and it was quite early “Portland time”. Kevin Gordon was happy to visit with me about the car and his company and the service to customers they prided themselves on.

As the conversation progressed, I asked him how a deal might transpire. I expected that I’d fly from Denver to Portland to conduct the transaction. Instead, Kevin explained that most of his customers were scattered around the country and it was common practice to wire payment for the car and they in turn would put the car on a transport and ship it to me.

With that, red flags jumped up in my mind. There isn’t a day that you can’t read about internet fraud. With that said, Kevin provided me with references at high end dealers, BMW, Lexus, and Mercedes, in both Portland and in Denver. As I contacted them, they all had outstanding things to say about the unique business the M Car Company had built and that all of their dealings with them had been professional and without complaint! Kevin went on to say that as the car shipped, he’d be in touch every day to provide updates on estimated arrival.

I did purchase the car. Kevin put it on an enclosed transport and it left Portland on Wednesday. He called as it left, he updated me Wednesday evening and again on Thursday. He called prior to 8am on Friday and asked if I was ready to take delivery of the car. I asked where it was and he said it was a 3 blocks away! After the driver pulled away and I was seated in the car, Kevin called again to be certain that all was right! I could not have been more pleased!

I would not hesitate to do business with Kevin and the M Car Company again and I will not hesitate to encourage you to do the same! In a world where service is just another word loosely and carelessly thrown around, the folks at M Car Company live service in the delivery of outstanding automobiles to their customers.

Dave Graf - Colorado

M Car Company,

Thank you again for exceeding our expectations finding such a beautiful vehicle for us. I absolutely love it. Today will be my first time to drive it, yesterday there was a lot of anxiety in the air after just getting hit ( again) while driving our other truck. So if I was not so sore I would have jumped up and down like a game show contestant who just won the biggest prize ever! Thank you for all of your hard work, we went to a birthday party last night and every one of our friends loved the car too. We will be sending them all your way. As soon as you get some business cards in, please let me know. For now I have the brochures you gave me and will give those out.

Have a great weekend Kevin! Thank you for delivering our more than perfect car!

Karen Boucher